If you own a restaurant or store and you have a long list that you want to display in a professional and more sophisticated way that reaches everyone easily and accurately, ScanGow offers this smart service to save trouble for the owners and customers, away from paper printing and petty costs, which is easy for shops and restaurants, which they can change information in any way Easily and timely, so the customer is satisfied

Corona changed the world, it made us more vigilant about things around us, so we provided a simple and quick solution to make our lives easier and away from the consequences that we could face

Save money, save effort and go smart with ScanGow which provides you updated prices for your services and goods that can be accessed with one touch in an Eco-friendly way

To get the price details on desired items or goods all what you have to do is scan your QR code on your device which will give you a full scan of prices and items directly

Since smartphones are part of our lives we made sure to use it in the right way, by scanning the QR code on your device for fully detailed information

After scanning the QR Code you will get detailed information about each item and its ingredient without having to ask any further information

ScanGow is a new technology technique that saves sanitizing your hands every time you want to check an item or goods! unlike menus

We made ScanGow a user friendly solution for you as an owner and easier for the customer to get the desired items and information they need, that facilitate the communication in a short a short time